The Coalition of Hope Foundation, Inc.

“Providing Humanitarian Assistance and Promoting Peace throughout the World”

The Coalition of Hope Foundation, Inc. (COH), is a US-based, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization that provides global humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief support.

Humanitarian Assistance

COH supports a broad range of humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief missions on an on-going basis. Examples of our efforts include material support to those in need in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (US), disaster-relief missions to Haiti following the nationwide devastation of that country by earthquake, support to flood victims in Pakistan and the Philippines, humanitarian assistance to those impacted by superstorm Sandy (US) and other projects of a lesser magnitude.

Unparalleled Leadership

The Coalition of Hope Foundation (COH) is a “skills rich” global organization whose members comprise vast years of experience and expertise working challenging missions throughout the world. Our Board of Directors, International Advisors and executive management team consists of individuals who have held senior positions of authority working in government, the private sector, non-governmental organizations (NGO), the diplomatic corps, higher education and all branches of the military. 

Excelsior Project

Among our many humanitarian goals, we seek to provide a forward deployed, quick response, sea-based platform that incorporates state-of-the-art hospital facilities, an array of multinational (military) medical personnel, first responders, extensive airlift capability, heavy equipment, emergency supplies, food and water.

Rendering of the USS Nassau back in commission

Rendering of the USS Nassau back in commission

The COH “Excelsior” project is a (prospective) multinational, public-private partnership that would enable participation from all nations willing to participate. Utilizing a retired, US Naval (USN) vessel, we will be able to respond to unforeseen catastrophic events faster and better equipped than any other military or civilian element in existence. Additional operational focus includes Disease Identification and Tracking, Ecological Disaster-Relief, Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking, Educational Initiatives, Technological Assistance, Oceanographic & Scientific Research.

Our vessel, by virtue of its size, speed and organic capability will be able to successfully perform a wide array of urgent relief efforts via helicopter, amphibious landing craft or while docked in port. This is in addition to the extensive hospital, surgical and trauma-care capability that is contained within the decks of our ship.“
— Timothy J. Keegan, COH Founder

COH Foundation imperatives

  • Humanitarian Assistance & Medical Support
  • Disaster Relief, Search & Rescue, Logistical Support / Command & Control Capability
  • Ecological Disaster Relief
  • Child Exploitation / Human Trafficking - Prevention, Rescue, Public awareness
  • Educational Initiatives, Technological Assistance & Training
  • Oceanographic, Scientific, & Technical Research