Timothy j. Keegan | Founder & CEO

SVP, Bank of America, Private Bank

A seasoned operative with extensive governmental, political and international NGO experience, Mr. Keegan possesses expertise in corporate management, policy formulation, analysis, organizational design and strategic transformation programs. A sophisticated advocate, he is recognized for his visionary approaches to challenging problem sets. Mr. Keegan has substantive experience working with business executives, elected officials, governmental staff, strategic military commands and national media.


David Perez | President

President, Nurish Me, Inc.

David Perez has over 36 years of entrepreneurial and executive management experience working in establishing and financing start-ups that are focused in Nanotechnology, Telecom, Software Technology, Wireless and Finance sectors. Specialties include Business Development, Nanotechnology, Fixed Cost management, Global trade, purchasing, contracts management, building CPG brands, sales, marketing and disaster relief and logistics operations for NGO's.

COH Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors & Officers

Timothy J. Keegan, Founder & CEO
SVP Bank of America, Private Bank

David Perez, President
President, Nurish Me, Inc.

Douglas Pile, Esq., Secretary
Miami-Dade County, Florida

Glenn Smith, Treasurer
Command Surgeon General’s Office, US Southern Command

George R. Worthington
(US) Rear Admiral, US Navy (retired)
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence (Special Operations and Counter-terrorism)

Brad Barker
President, Epic Nomad Productions

Senior Policy Advisors

Strategic Initiatives

George J. Mitchell, Esq.
United States Senator (retired)
Partner, DLA Piper

George R. Worthington
(US) Rear Admiral, US Navy (retired)
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence (Special Operations and Counter-terrorism)

H. Burak Erten
Deputy Chairman, the International Group, Inc.
COH Senior Advisor for International Financial Affairs

Mark R. Schlakman, Esq.
Senior Program Director
Center for the Advancement of Human Rights (FSU/CAHR)
The Florida State University

Justin Albert
Director and Trustee, International National Trusts Organization (UK)

Juan G. Ayala
(US) Major General, USMC (retired)
Former Chief of Staff, United States Southern Command

Brian P. Sweeney
Vice President and Co-founder, Analytics Programs, PlanetRisk, Inc.

Dr. Alvin S. Felzenberg, PhD.
Author, Lecturer, Political Commentator
Former Member, Joint Economic Committee, United States Congress

Thomas Faure Romanelli, 
Founder and CEO, Key Estates LP, USA 

Lawrence "Chip" Levine
(US) Lieutenant Colonel, USAR (retired)

Larry Eisenberg, Esq.
U.S. Department of State (retired)

GOVERNMENTAL, Political & Public Affairs                 

Joseph Corrigan
Senior Advisor, Kelley, Drye & Warren LLP

Susan Ralston
Former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush
President, SBR Enterprises, LLC

Stuart Jolly
CEO, Command Solutions, Inc.

Marcia Dyson
CEO, Women’s Global Initiative

John Robusto
CEO of Isochrone, Communication Security Group (CSG)

Edward Farris
Executive Director, US Armed Forces Museum

Thomas Derita
CEO, ReSource Group, NA Inc.

Michael Ussery
Ambassador, U.S. Department of State (retired)

Seth Gordon
Managing Principal, Seth Gordon Initiatives (SGI), Inc.

Carole Crist
Founder & CEO, CLC Global Advisors

Timothy Barton
Founder & CEO, JMJ Development

Ron Sachs
Founder & CEO, Sachs Media Group, Inc.

Naomi S. Ducat
Associate (Mission Manager at Department of Defense), Booz Allen Hamilton


Sir Timothy McClement
(UK) Vice Admiral, Royal Navy (retired)

Celia Sawyer
(UK) Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust

Seraj Al Baker
Chairman and CEO, Albaker International General Trading and Contracting Company, WLL
Branch Director, COH Middle Eastern Operations, Kuwait

David R. Bockel
(US) Major General, USAR (retired)

Paul Winstanley
(UK) Ministry of Defense (retired)

Douglas, Y. Smith, MBE, QVRM
(UK )Government's Stabilization Unit, British Army

Nick Fisher
Director, UES Advisory Services, Ltd.

Kamal Mirza
(PAK) Navy Commander (retired)

Sir Sohail S. Quraeshi
Vice Chairman, The International Group, Inc.

Lars Burr
(Denmark) MAJ Director CIMIC / Research & Development Branch

Michael Thompson
(US) Lieutenant Colonel, USAR (retired)

Said Bilani
Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA/UN-SDG), Federal Institute for Middle East Peace and Progress


Dr. Steven J. Phillips
National Institute of Health, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Dr. Terrance K. Egland
Director of Business Planning for U.S. Navy Medicine (retired)

Tom Burden
Principal & Co-CEO, Potomac Healthcare Solutions, LLC

Bisham B. Singh MD.
Co-Chairman, Trident Health Care, Inc.

John Eugene Lewis, PhD.
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Jovianna DiCarlo
CEO, IMHSC - International mHealth Standards Consortium

Rajesh K. Grover, PhD.
Adjunct Professor, Synthetic Biology, Craig Venter Institute

Mark A. H. Sivers, DMD
Principal, LAETA Venture Capital

Glenn Smith
Command Surgeon General’s Office, US Southern Command

Michael MacKay
Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Recombinant Systems

Eric Frost
Director, San Diego State University (HADR Viz-Lab)


Alan Bell
(US) Major General, USAR (retired)
Former Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Army Reserve

Derry Huff
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, AmeriJet Airlines

Dr. Terrance Egland
(US) CAPT, USN (retired)
Former Director of Business Planning for US Navy Medicine

Charles D. Engels
(US) Team Chief, USAF, US Central Command

Dr. James Atkinson, PhD.
(US) Master Chief, US Navy (retired)
Resources Director, US Army Corps of Engineers

Robert Adkins
Flight Operations & Maintenance Director, National US Armed Forces Museum

Patti Barrett
President, Seariders Brokerage Corp.
International Ocean Marine, Air and Land Logistics & Customs Brokers

Michael Rettig
Founder, Lift Non-Profit Disaster Logistics

Nikkie V. Nguyen
Lead Administrator, Everett Dorey LLP

EMERGENCY Animal Evacuations, Conservation & Care

Margo McKnight
President & CEO, Palm Beach Zoo

COH Foundation, Inc. CORPORATE Legal Counsel

Joseph Geller, Esq.
Corporate Counsel, Business Practices, Florida

Steve Geller, Esq.
Corporate Counsel, Business Practices, Florida

Barry L. Haley, Esq.
Corporate Counsel, Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights, Florida

Guy M. Maisnik, Esq.
Corporate Counsel, Entertainment / Media, California

Steven Goldman, Esq.
Corporate Counsel, Admiralty Law, New York

Douglas Pile, Esq.
Internal Corporate Counsel, Florida

Global Banking, Funds Management & Insurance

Joanne Marlowe
Chief Executive Officer, UFT Commercial Finance

Jodi K. Chu, ChFC
Prudential Insurance Companies

Beau Breckenridge, CAP
SVP, Bank of America Private Bank

Chad Brisson
VP, JP Morgan Chase, Commercial Banking

Corporate Finance & Accounting

Alan Levy, CPA.
Stroemer & Company, Certified Public Accountants, Florida

Educational & Technology Initiatives

Harriet Fulbright
The Fulbright Foundation

Tom Fiedler
Dean, College of Communication, Boston College (Retired)

Dr. Maria A. Grimovich
Director, Nayada USA, Inc.

Brandon Gosselin
CEO, Empowerment US Company

Sayd Z. Hussain
Florida Atlantic University, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Media & Public Relations

Brad Barker
President, Epic Nomad Productions

Josh McLawhorn
CEO, Level Up Digital Media

Mark Sennet
CEO, Sennet Entertainment

Carey Warren
CEO, Coterie Media, Inc.

Janell Martin
Sr. TV & Entertainment Industry Liaison

Danny Cruz
CEO, Headway Corporation

Marketing, Branding, Advertising & Membership

Christian Griffith
Director, Strategic Branding

Rick D. Ellis
Director, Rich Media

John Read
COH Crisis Card / Membership Platforms