Global Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

“Vires in Diversitatem / Strength in Diversity”

Project Excelsior is our bold initiative to acquire and repurpose a decommissioned U.S. naval vessel as a forward-deployed, quick-response platform to lead and support humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief efforts in affected regions around the world.


In conjunction with a broad coalition of nations, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, and other key global partnerships, COH plans to retrofit the vessel to support state-of-the-art hospital facilities and medical staff, as well as transport first-responders and supplies on a large-scale. The retrofitted USS Nassau’s unique command and control, heavy airlift and amphibious landing craft capabilities will make it faster and more efficient than any humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief vessel in the world. COH projects that the vessel could positively impact more than 18 million lives throughout its 20-year life expectancy.

COH is currently in talks with the U.S. Navy to acquire the vessel. Donating the USS Nassau will be a cost-effective way for the U.S. government to contribute to humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief efforts while showcasing its capabilities and strengthening international relationships. The retrofitting of the USS Nassau will also create American jobs in the struggling shipyard industry during a period of high unemployment.