Headway USA’s National Clean Water Program brings a unified team of US and Cameroonian companies - specialized in water, engineering, geology, and power sources, to provide 160 municipalities, towns and villages with reliable, sustainable clean water systems. The impact of the project is broad-reaching: 1) reduce loss of life from gastro-intestinal disease due to a lack of clean water, 2) bring clean drinking water for almost 1m people in the rural countryside, 3) combat desertification, 4) empower women and children by increasing the time available for additional farming and education.

Technology Transfer

The rural water system will use advanced power generation technology, as all locations will be far from the national electrical grid. Therefore, each locality will have sustainable and renewable energy source(s), modern pumps, for both extraction as well as delivery, and the latest filtration technology. Designed to have an ease-of-operation and servicing for the rural locations. This technology has been deployed in wartime and extreme conditions (Baghdad), which requires a robust and durable build of all components. The team includes several US companies, ranging from defense contractors and engineering firms from the US east coast, steel companies in the Midwest, and energy technology / high-tech enterprises from the west coast. To ensure the sustainability of the transfer, a consortium of US universities, in conjunction with one or two Cameroonian universities, will design the training and reporting systems (including a management app for its various levels).

Creating Cameroonian Jobs

Phase 1 involves dozens of geologic survey teams from Cameroon (each team has 2-3 people), engineering and design professionals from both countries, and several hundred Cameroonian construction workers for in-country implementation of the 160 sites. Post-implementation operation will involve 2-3 persons at each of the 160 sites (recruited from the municipalities they serve). Furthermore, the design, manufacture and services will provide employment and revenues affecting thousands more in the US.

Transparency and Corporate Governance

Headway USA, as an experienced contractor to the US government and throughout the world, will work directly with MINEE/Cameroon, and will be fully responsible for its US and Cameroonian partners. Headway USA’s policy of complete transparency and compliance with US and Cameroonian laws will ensure the project will become the gold standard of implementation and accountability between countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A key component of Headway’s choice of projects is in the metric of its benefit to humanity. To this effect, Headway’s team includes the Coalition of Hope, with which it has worked in the past to support thousands in Haiti, New Orleans, New York, and now, Ecuador. In this project, the joint work will include continual training in water know-how, resiliency, and connectedness with the use of cutting-edge technologies.