Since its founding in 2005, the COH has built a proven track record of international humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief support.

Providing Clean Water in Cameroon

Headway USA’s National Clean Water Program brings a unified team of US and Cameroonian companies specialized in water, engineering, geology, and power sources, to provide 160 municipalities, towns and villages with reliable, sustainable clean water systems. The impact of the project is broad-reaching:

  1. Combat desertification
  2. Reduce loss of life from gastro-intestinal disease due to a lack of clean water
  3. Bring clean drinking water for almost 1,000,000 people in the rural countryside
  4. Empower women and children by increasing the time available for additional farming and education.

Malawi media Initiative

In mid-2017, COH leadership in cooperation with the Republic of Malawi (RoM) and US EXIM Bank are embarking on the establishment of a "National Center for Media Excellence" in support of the advancement of domestic media & film production. Both COH and the RoM believe that in today’s global environment, media both reflects and shapes society. In an effort to further improvements in education, medical care, public awareness, broaden social acceptance and foster greater government interaction with its citizens, the RoM has decided to expand capability and improve the quality of the nation’s media industry. COH leadership which has extensive background in matters related to media is pleased to assist in this worthwhile initiative.


Hurricane Sandy

COH established and managed four major relief distribution centers in conjunction with the St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church among the hardest hit areas of Rockaway, N.Y. Our organizational presence included four 4,000 sq. ft. tents that were erected and maintained through COH-sourced contributions. Once in place, the COH partnered with the American Red Cross, the New York Army National Guard and others to provide 150,000 hot meals, fuel and 1,450 tons of supplies.

COH has also partnered with Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) – an international non-profit, non-governmental organization – to stop the spread of toxic mold growth in areas affected by the flooding that resulted from Hurricane Sandy. COH worked to advocate and publicize the need for professional mold abatement programs, provide the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene with reports on ongoing efforts and conditions, and secure mold testing kits. The partnership between COH and IRUSA provided critical support for occupants of uninsured properties affected by mold growth. It enabled affected residents that could not afford professional mold remediation to safely return to sanitary homes, as well as improve conditions for volunteers and contractors living and working in toxic environments caused by the mold growth.

Additionally, COH held the Superstorm Sandy Rebuilding Resources Conference with federal, state and local governmental officials with strong attendance and participation from community leaders and members. 


Haiti earthquake

Partnering with the American Red Cross, Free the Children, Partners in Heath, Project Medishare and many other NGO’s, our staff coordinated medical relief programs in Haiti that saved countless lives in the aftermath of the earthquake. In total, the COH coordinated the delivery of 5.2 million pounds of emergency aid for the earthquake and subsequent cholera relief efforts.


Hurricane Katrina

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, our members organized 74 airlift missions into the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast states, providing 1,014,000 pounds of food, water and medical supplies. In total, COH secured and delivered more than $25 million in donated goods and services, including food, water, medicine, clothing, power generators, mobile catering kitchens, RV’s, batteries, flashlights and temporary shelter to Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Additionally, COH contributed in excess of $725,000 dollars in emergency aid, relocated 384 people from Gulf Coast states, and fed, clothed and sheltered evacuees.